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What Is The Meaning of A Boutique Hotel?

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Boutique Hotels are a term used to describe high quality hotels. The term is being used widely today, in fact, within the tourism industry it is almost as common a term as ‘luxury hotel’. It seems every hotel wants to describe itself as a boutique hotel. But what does this term actually mean? Are boutique hotels the clever invention of a marketing guru, or is it a genuine term with a real definition that distinguishes some hotels from others. Here is the answer.

The term ’boutique hotel’ originated in the USA, and became widely used as a term which described establishments offering an extremely luxurious and unique environment for its guests. It describes hotels where every effort has been made to give the guests the extra special comfort, attention and experience they could wish for. They also tend to be contemporary, offering a more modern take on the finest hotel stay, unlike the older more traditional five star establishments which rely on history and long standing hotel traditions, for example, The Ritz in London, UK.

Boutique establishments are regarded as the unusual, unique and quirky variety of hotel. Places where you can do more than stay the night eat breakfast and check-out. Very soon after the term became popular, hotels began to develop ways of being as unique as possible. For example, many of them designed themed rooms, and some focussed on very specific facilities, like Michelin quality food, or state of the art spa facilities, or interiors designed by leading names in art and design. There are even boutique hotels that have chosen a theme and linked it to every aspect of their service. The Witchery, in Edinburgh, Scotland, is one example of this.

All the world’s major cities are now home to a fantastic range of these unique, classy, and extra special hotels. In fact, the difficulty is establishing which hotels truly are boutique establishments, rather than those merely using the term to attract more custom.

If you are looking for luxury accommodation for your vacation, the best course of action is to use a hotel booking service which specialises in the luxury hotel market. It will be within their interests to only list genuine luxury establishments, so you will be able to trust that you are booking genuine high quality accommodation.

By treating yourself to a stay in a luxurious boutique hotel, you will be treated to the finest food, beautiful and unique décor, and a much more intimate and personal service.These are some of the reasons why the term is so widely used now. In such a highly competitive market, most hotels would like to consider themselves on the luxury end of the market. The truth is however, it takes innovation, care, attention to detail, and an in-depth knowledge of the hotel industry to deliver a truly luxury experience. By choosing the assistance of a reputable booking service, you can be sure of booking yourself the perfect place, and you are much less likely to be disappointed.

You work hard to earn your money, and you deserve to feel cared for and pampered when you are on vacation. In addition, if you are spending time exploring a new city in an unfamiliar country, what better way to feel at home than to choose a luxurious hotel as your base?


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