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What To Expect From Volunteering in Brazil


Brazil is very well known for fiestas. Famous for its flamboyant and exuberant annual Carnivale, endless beaches, cultural music and dance and vibrant streets; it is a favourite destination for tourists and culture-curious international volunteers alike.

Brazil is the fifth largest country in the world and the largest country in South America. Between 1500 and 1815, Brazil was a colony of Portugal and still has Portuguese as its national language to this day. Since its independence, Brazil has grown into one of the world’s economic powerhouses and is today considered to be among the world’s fastest growing economies. With an expansive coastline stretching 7491 km, and a vast and varied natural landscape, Brazil is also famed for its diverse wildlife, extensive natural resources and myriad of surviving protected habitats.

Despite its wealth on a national economic scale, Brazilians suffer under the strain of a very uneven distribution of wealth. While the richer live well, a significant portion of the population live in sprawling shantytowns called favelas. Class distinctions are significant and are closely connected to racial differences, which contributes to the difference in wealth. International volunteers often come to Brazil to assist with the disadvantaged community.

The country’s natural charm and the uneven distribution of wealth, Brazil attracts people who are passionate about volunteering. Many go to Brazil to help children in favelas with basic education and work on environmental conservation projects. Doing a volunteer project or a gap year through a volunteer program are both popular options for people who want to travel in Brazil.

The experience of volunteering overseas is made more desirable by the culture, sunny beach adventures, a vibrant after-dark scene and the closeness to other South American countries. Brazil is a great choice for anyone who likes an adventure, and who can appreciate a diverse and culturally exciting destination.

Brazil is not the only place you can volunteer or take a gap year. Antipodeans Abroad have many destinations to choose from and different programs to do. Gap years and language immersion programs are popular and a great way to meet other international volunteers. Read more about our programs and learn about volunteering overseas.




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