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Why Traveling to Iceland Can Be Very Dangerous?


Iceland’s enchanting beauty makes it one of the top tourist destinations in the world. However, traveling to Iceland is fraught with many risks. If you are not familiar with rough weather and uninhabited areas, then it’s better to avoid this country. Read on to know the dangers of visiting Iceland.

Adverse weather conditions

Weather is a huge cause of concern for tourists visiting the nation. Weather conditions change rapidly and high wind can whip up suddenly from nowhere. The precipitation and makes life quite miserable, and the chill can sometimes be unbearable. You need to wrap up yourself well to keep comfortable. Extreme cold is dangerous while walking around glaciers. Even the brightest days can turn chilly in no time. High winds often create brutal sandstorms in areas where there is loose volcanic sand.

Fatal accidents during outdoor activities

You can enjoy many adventure activities in the country because of its rugged landscape. However, forces of Icelandic nature will make it very difficult for you to enjoy them. There is every chance that you may lose your footing on uneven terrains. Therefore, you need to be extremely cautious during outdoor activities.

Narrow, steep roads

Most of the roads in the country are narrow, steep with potholes and sharp corners. If you are unfamiliar with these conditions, then driving is really difficult. The sharp corners of the tracks make it further difficult for drivers. You need to drive slowly and exercise caution at every step. Avoid a jeep while traveling as controlling it is extremely difficult on the gravel roads of the country.

Unstable mobile phone connections

Though cell phone connections are reliable in towns, but once you move out, they become very unstable. NMT network covers most parts of the country, but not all parts. Signals tend to dip rapidly and hence, you must find other ways to stay connected in case of any danger.

Unexpected attack of Arctic Tern

Arctic Tern, the migrating bird of Iceland, arrives at the start of May flying nearly 15,000 km. The birds are very ill-tempered and aggressive. They can attack you any moment and hence, you need to watch out for them.

Lava under moss and snow

Many parts of the country are covered in lava hidden under moss and snow. These areas are very dangerous to walk. The moss covers the lava like a soft blanket and you can get seriously injured. The lava can take strange forms and take you by surprise.

The country is prone to long periods of darkness during December, which can make your trip really unpleasant. Most of the dangers in Iceland is because of its geological conditions and unpredictable weather. You must take guard against adverse conditions during your vacation here.


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